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Cesta de yute de piso redondo ensamblada
Cesta de yute de piso redondo ensamblada
Cesta de yute de piso redondo ensamblada

Cesta de yute de piso redondo ensamblada

Product Details

Pre - Order - delivery March 2021


Dimensión / 63d X 25h cm, base redonda.El mango superior es de 8 cm de ancho.(25 pulgadas de profundidad x 10 pulgadas de altura, mango de 3 pulgadas de ancho)

Uso / amplia cesta de piso abierto para leña, almacenamiento debajo de la cama, Sala de barro, cama de mascotas, almohada y juguetes

Por favor, tenga en cuenta que todos los productos están hechos a mano con fibra natural de yute, por lo que cada producto tiene un tamaño ligeramente diferente y una personalidad única.Todas nuestras cestas están bien.Una ligera caída no se considera un defecto debido a la naturaleza de la fabricación a manoLlene su cesta con almohadas y Tírala a su cesta para encontrar su mejor forma después de su envío en un paquete plano.

Como se muestra en la figuraGoop J 'Jude yute Assembly Round Bottom basket

Care & Maintenance
Receiving & stuffing your basket
Upon receiving your J'Jute basket it is important that you open each piece knock out the wrinkles from eco friendly flat pack shipping and stuff your basket for 2-5 days. It is important that you stuff you basket fullly in order for your J'Jute to find its best shape. Due to the soft nature of the jute fibre all  J'Jute baskets will sag slightly and this is not considered a fault but, the beauty of Jute Fibre.
Colour Variations
J'Jute baskets will vary slightly in colour from season to season. Colour variations occur due to time if picking and how much rain India has received that season. Although we try our best to match the colours each year we cannot guarantee a match. No two baskets will be the exact same colour. 
Fo​r small marks​, we recommend spot cleaning with a gentle & mild soap. Do not oversaturate the basket as ​j​ute is not water repellent and excess water can damage the basket fibers and the strength of the entire piece. Jute is prone to mold. Do not wet the baskets.
For shedding, we recommend vacuuming the inside of the basket. shedding is not considered a fault.
If there is any fraying it is at the customer's discretion if they choose to trim the loose ​fibers. It is very normal for the basket to fray over time with use. Simply snip the little frays away. ​Please, use care as t​rimming too much can weaken the overall structure of the basket.
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